Glenn Beck threatens to drop NRA membership because of possible Muslim Brotherhood ties

Conservative firebrand Glenn Beck threatened this week to cancel his membership with the National Rifle Association if Grover Norquist is re-elected to the group’s board of directors.

Described by MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell as “the most powerful man in America who does not sleep in the White House,” Norquist heads up the tax advocacy group Americans for Tax Reform and is behind the Taxpayer Protection Pledge — the group pressures candidate to sign the pledge promising not to support any tax increase.

According to Beck, Norquist is also a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer.

Beck was interviewing Frank Gaffney on his radio program Wednesday when the radio talk show host called Norquist “one of the more dangerous men in America.”

Gaffney, a longtime Norquist critic and founder of the terrorist watch group Center for Security Policy, agreed with Beck’s assessment.

“Grover Norquist has in fact been serving as an agent of influence since 1998 for Muslim Brotherhood operatives and organizations and, oh by the way, for the Iranian government as well,” he told listeners.

“I am so concerned about this, Frank, and I am not an expert on Grover Norquist by any stretch of the imagination,” Beck said. “But I have heard enough that makes me concerned enough that — and I hope that the leadership of the NRA hears this and every member of the NRA hears this — that if this man is elected, or re-elected and confirmed on the board of the NRA, I may drop my membership in the NRA.”

“I am that concerned that he is a very bad influence and a very bad man, that if this is who the NRA decides to put on their board of directors, I don’t think I can be associated with them,” Beck added.

Considering Beck reaches millions daily, one would assume he has the gun group’s attention.


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