‘Enough is enough’: Megyn Kelly’s impassioned plea to STOP what lead to open season on cops

Viewers of “The Kelly File” got a glimpse Thursday evening of the passion that has helped make host Megyn Kelly such a ratings success when she shared her thoughts on the ambush of the two police officers who were shot in the streets of Ferguson, Mo.

Struggling to mask her disgust with the way the incident was being portrayed, Kelly spoke about the manhunt underway by law enforcement for the coward(s) who shot the two cops.

“You would think the risks they’re facing would be the focus of the national conversation today,” she said. “You would be wrong.”

“Today, the conversation consisted of a quick expression of sympathy for the injured officers, followed by the long justification for a protest movement based upon a lie.”

An analogy that played out precisely as she stated a couple of hours later when President Obama finally commented on events while appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

“For months a segment of our political leaders and pundits attacked cops across this country based on the myth that 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot in the back by a cop while surrendering with his hands up,” Kelly said.

“Wrong. Totally wrong.”

Kelly called out members of Congress who stood on the steps of the U.S. Capital with their arms in the air.

“Enough is enough,” Kelly said. “Institutional racism is a real problem, but fanning the flames, rushing to judgment and failing to provide context is also deeply problematic and dangerous. And it needs to stop.”

Tom Tillison

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Tom Tillison


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