Waka Flocka vs. Mika: I don’t think he liked her shout out

The controversy over MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski’s remarks linking a black rapper to the racist University of Oklahoma fraternity chant received a boost Wednesday when rapper Waka Flocka Flame stepped into the fray

“If you look at every single song, I guess you call these, that he’s written, it’s a bunch of garbage,” Brzezinski said of the rapper, while discussing the incident. “It’s full of n-words, it’s full of f-words. It’s wrong. And he shouldn’t be disgusted with them, he should be disgusted with himself.”

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Now with Alex Wagner,” Waka Flocka Flame said it was a “great start” that two students identified as being involved in the incident have apologized — the rapper cancelled a scheduled concert at the school after a video capturing members of OU’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity chanting a racist refrain went viral.

“Some folks have said your lyrics are racist or disgusting or divisive or hateful,” the seemingly starstruck Wagner asked. “What do you say to those folks about why you choose the words you do?”

“This isn’t about rap. This is about what happened on that bus,” the artist responded. “This isn’t about my rap music. I feel like they’re running away from what we’re talking about.”

Wagner and Waka Flocka Flame also discussion the 79-year-old house mother at the fraternity seen on a Vine singing a rap song that included the n-word. The surprisingly reflective rapper said the frat mom was wrong, but he wasn’t there to judge her.


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