Rush: MSNBC’s Mika makes good point, frat chant would ‘be a hit’ if Kanye West had sung it

Mika Brzezinski tried to explain her controversial comments linking black rappers to the racist fraternity chant that blew up the internet this week.

The MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host backed off her statement – and her convictions – with an on air apology following a massive public reaction to an observation she made about the now infamous song.

Brzezinski raised eyebrows on Wednesday when she said rapper Waka Flocka Flame – who subsequently cancelled a concert at the UO because of the incident – “should be disgusted with himself” because of his use of foul language in the songs that the college kids emulate.

“The students in the video are responsible for their behavior, and as we said on our show this morning, they did it, and it’s beyond appalling,” Brzezinski recanted.

“In no way is anybody else to blame for what they did on that bus. They are responsible and they made the choice.”

Flame’s “violent, racist lyrics” were “in no way to blame for what happened on that bus,” she said.

There were some folks who were disappointed to see her back-down.

Brzezinski’s initial remark received support from an unlikely source when Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the subject and agreed with the liberal MSNBC’s host’s original sentiment.

The Conservative radio host said that the racist frat chant would “be a hit” if Kanye West had sung it at the Grammy’s.

Oh, yes he did.

Rush was shocked that the Morning Joe host held accountable a rapper instead of, say – the Republican Party for the racist chant.

“Twitter is blowing up at Mika Brzezinski, for daring to say, that the frat boys at OU were simply mimicking a rap song,” he said.

“But I’m telling you this stuff get awards and the people who sing it are praised as American royalty in terms of celebrity,” he said.

“You can’t deny that.”

Some people do deny that – vehemently – as can be seen in the tweets that still keep coming.

Others in the highly polarized Twitter-world see things differently.

Others in the highly polarized Twitter-world see things differently.

And maybe all the hype is just that – hype.

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