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More cover-up: Outraged Judge Pirro predicts Hillary’s next scheming steps

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When it comes to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton using a private email address and a private server, Judge Jeanine Pirro is convinced there’s a “conspiracy” at play.

Pirro, the no-nonsense host of her own Fox News weekend show, made a guest appearance Wednesday on “Hannity” to comment on the Clinton email controversy.

“The first thing I would do as a prosecutor is I’d get a subpoena for that server,” she told host Sean Hannity. “I don’t care if it’s in her house, or in Bill Clinton’s house, these are records that we are entitled to see.”

The former prosecutor and judge then touched on a possible motive behind Clinton’s actions.

“I would argue in that request that this whole setup was designed to defy freedom of information, designed to defy classified information,” Pirro said, noting that Clinton’s close aides Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin also likely used private email accounts.

Pirro went on to say that the server could already be destroyed for all we know.

“There is a conspiracy here, Sean, period, end of the story,” she said to Hannity.

Tom Tillison


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