Dana Loesch: ‘Every single cop should walk straight off the job. Blue flu. ENOUGH.’

An outpouring of fury ignited social media Thursday after two police officers were shot in Ferguson – and one popular conservative radio host offered some controversial advice.

“Every single cop should walk straight off the job. Blue flu. ENOUGH. #Ferguson” wrote Dana Loesch in a Twitter post.

Her response came after one officer was reportedly shot in the face and another in the shoulder during a public demonstration “celebrating” the resignation of Ferguson’s police chief.

Loesch, who hosts her own show on the Blaze is a native to nearby St. Louis Mo., and had been following the Ferguson story closely since the 2014 riots ransacked the city and local businesses.

Loesch is making sure people know that enough is enough in her mind.

Certainly good news if it’s accurate. But Loesch isn’t letting up anytime soon.


Nicole Haas

Nicole Haas

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