Trey Gowdy mocks Hillary’s ‘convenience’ excuse: And she wants to be the president?

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s news conference Tuesday created more questions than answers for Trey Gowdy, chairman of the House Select House Committee on Benghazi.

The South Carolina Republican appeared “On the Record” Tuesday to address his concerns after Clinton told reporters she lumped all her emails — personal and State Department-related — onto one email account as a matter of “convenience.”

“I don’t know how the president’s able to function,” Gowdy quipped. ”If convenience is the reason that she used one phone, I mean the president’s the busiest person in the world and he manages to preserve his emails, and I don’t think he has his own server. …

“If she wants somebody to show her how to put two email accounts on one phone, I am happy to do it, ’cause even I managed to figured out how to do that.”

Gowdy told Fox News host Greta Van Susteren that his committee will now be forced to call upon Clinton at least two times.

“We’re gonna have to talk to her about the email arrangement — the server, the security,” he said.

“If I heard her correctly, she destroyed the emails she deemed personal. There are lots of emails, as you know, Greta, that are a mixture of personal and public,” Gowdy said.

“How did she reconcile that?”

He also called for an independent third party to examine all the emails on her server, “someone who calls balls and strikes,” he explained. “A retired judge, a retired archivist, an inspector general.”

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