‘This is a joke, right?’ Dem embarrassment Cynthia McKinney uses Jon Stewart to boost anti-Semite comic

Being out of Congress hasn’t made Cynthia McKinney any smarter.

The former U.S. representative from Georgia — a Democrat, naturally –tweeted a message to her followers Tuesday to promote noted anti-Semitic French comedian Dieudonné ironically comparing him to Jon Stewart who is Jewish.

“If you love Jon Stewart, you should like Dieudonné! Give a listen here,” the Democrat tweeted with a link to one of Dieudonne’s YouTube videos.

Dieudonné was detained by French authorities in January for making a post that appeared to support the Charlie Hebdo gunmen.

“I’m finally going home,” he wrote at the time “Know that this evening, as far as I’m concerned, I’m feeling like Charlie Coulibaly [French: je me sens Charlie Coulibaly].”

A play on the “Je Suis Charlie” (I am Charlie) movement popular after the Charlie Hebdo attacks by combining it with the last name of the gunman, Amedy Coulibaly, who killed four hostages in a Kosher market in France

Dieudonné has been previously convicted of inciting anti semitism and had several shows cancelled last year by French courts, according to the BBC.

Amazing then that a former U.S. representative would promote him…until you realize that person is Cynthia McKinney who even far left website Salon noted in 2009, “has never quite been able to avoid association with anti-Semitism.”

She’s also never been able to shake the disgrace of one of her better known antics, trying to horn in on $10 million offered by Saudia Arabia to New York City after the 9/’11 attacks. Mayor Rudy Giuliani turned down the money when it was clear the Saudis wanted to use the occasion for propaganda against Israel. McKinney embarrassed herself and her country when she tried to get a cut.

Not surprisingly the Twitterverse slammed McKinney for her endorsement with one Twitter user asking “this is a joke, right?”

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