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Obama returning to late-night comedy; ‘He can have his hissy fit in public’

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President Obama, arguably America’s first “celebrity in chief,” is returning to where it all began — late night TV.

In a move that will shore up the cult of personality that has come to define his presidency, Obama will appear this week on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

obama-kimmelIt’s not like he has anything else to concentrate on these days: getting rolled by an Iran hell-bent on getting a nuclear weapon, say, or whether his former secretary of state and possible successor broke the law by maintaining all her official work on a private email account.

Or maybe he’s going to vent about all of that, as one Twitter user put it, maybe “have his hissy fit in public.”

Obama will fly to Los Angeles on Thursday — carbon footprint notwithstanding — to headline a $33,400 per couple Democratic National Committee fundraiser and visit with Kimmel, according to the White House. For those counting, and the folks at Breitbart News are, this will be his 21st visit to Southern Cal since the 2008 election cycle.

(The visit will be Obama’s first live appearance on the show, he originally appeared via satellite in June 2008.)

And Thursday’s show promises to be a real delight for hardleft zealots, as Kimmel’s other guest will be comrade Sean Penn.

Aside from the expected adulation from starry-eyed supporters, the reaction on social media was less than enthusiastic. Here is a sampling as seen on Twitter:

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