Megyn Kelly goes toe-to-toe with GOP senator over Iran letter — and neither blinks

Megyn Kelly wasn’t lobbing softballs. And Sen. Tom Cotton wasn’t backing away.

While liberal politicians and their media acolytes like to call the Fox News network a haven for Republican politicians, but the “Kelly File” interview Tuesday night showed otherwise.

Kelly grilled the Arkansas Republican over his authoring of a letter he sent to Iran’s leaders — cosigned by 46 fellow senators — advising the murderous mullahs of the Senate’s role in their ongoing nuclear negotiations with Obama.

The letter informed the Iranians that any deal they reach with Obama wouldn’t last without the approval of the Senate and sparked outrage online with liberals taking to Twitter with the hashtag #47Traitors to slam the senators.

Cotton, however, told Kelly Tuesday that the letter was necessary.

“We need to be crystal clear with the leaders of Iran,” he said. “Any deal that’s not approved by Congress won’t be accepted by Congress, not now and certainly not in the future because Congress is focused on stopping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon today, tomorrow and 10 years from now.”

The interview wasn’t hostile. But it wasn’t the friendliest Kelly has ever conducted with a conservative politician. And it might have shown one reason Fox was polled this week as the “most trusted” cable news station.

“What do you say to those who say you, at a minimum, you’ve now alienated the Democrats who the Republicans may need if you want to push through a sanctions package later on?” Kelly asked.

“This is not about partisan politics, this is about stopping Iran from getting a bomb,” Cotton said. “I too want to see the bipartisan legislation passed that we’ve worked on in my committee and that Senator Corker is working on in his committee.

“The president is the one whose weighing in in the separation of powers, not a partisan matter but a constitutional issue, in putting so much pressure on Democrats who share our viewpoint,” he said.

“The president doesn’t want them to even speak out and to share their views that Iran cannot be allowed to get a nuclear weapon.”


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