Krauthammer: Hillary’s plan for email fight is set, ‘Obama’s already shown it works’

After six years of watching the Obama White House keep investigators at bay on scandals ranging from “Fast and Furious” to the IRS, Hillary Clinton seems confident that she can keep her email scandal from derailing her quest for the presidency.

And she’s going to “stonewall until Election Day,” Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer predicted Wednesday.

“I think what is going to happen on her part is this: She has decided that stonewalling works,” Krauthammer told host Bret Baier during an appearance on “Special Report.”

“Obama has shown it works on a lot of stuff. A lot of their scandals have been stonewalled and they go away,” he said. “Within a week or two what you are going to hear from the Clinton apologists is going to be ‘it’s old news.'”

Saying “it’s the ‘90s all over again,” Krauthammer drew upon the Whitewater scandal and how Hillary never agreed with cooperating with a special prosecutor investigating the controversy.

“She is determined never to let things out of her control,” he said. “So what she is essential saying is ‘I control the emails, no one is ever going to have a look at it,’ and she said ‘I have no reason to keep the private emails,’ which implies they are destroyed or deleted.”

“And she is not going to make that mistake again,” he added. “This is gonna be stonewalled from here until Election Day.”

And with a largely compliant media, the odds of success are in her favor.


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