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Classic NY Post cover destroys Hillary’s email excuses

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The New York Post‘s headline coverage of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton‘s news conference said it all.


That was the takeaway from the Tuesday news conference Clinton conducted, where she admitted destroying thousands of emails sent and received during her tenure as United States secretary of state.

At least one perceptive journalist was expecting it.

John Heilemann, a journalist for New York magazine, revealed what he saw in his crystal ball on Bloomberg TV:

Heilemann noted that, by her own admission, Clinton disclosed that she’d deleted more than half of the emails from her personal server.

“The two big headlines, one: She destroyed thousands of emails, number one, and number two, as someone tweeted, ‘Nixon didn’t burn the tapes, but Hillary destroyed the emails,” he told the other panelists.

Prediction fulfilled.

“Fox & Friends” tweeted Wednesday’s New York Post:

One person asked innocently enough:

Megan, that Internet provider would be none other than Clinton herself. But I suspect you knew that already. And then there were these:

And finally this one brought to mind a previous Clinton statement — this one from husband Bill when he was serving as our 42nd president:

Strip away all the hard-to-swallow arguments and inconsistent statements at Clinton’s news briefing and that’s what it all comes down to — she deleted the evidence, and we can’t do a thing about it.


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