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Caught on video! Hero kids save baby brother from kidnapping

A pair of children being hailed as heroes for rescuing their baby brother from a kidnapper spoke to “Good Morning America” Wednesday to tell their harrowing tale.

According to police, the incident began Sunday in Sprague, Wash., when the children were left unattended in a park by their babysitter and a man described as being in his 30s, about 6 feet tall, with a thin build, brown hair and a thin mustache, spoke to the two older children, attempting to gain their trust.

After talking for a while he snatched 22-month-old Owen Wright and ran.

The brother and sister — Brenden, 10, and Delicia, 8 — gave chase when they were spotted by Dorothy Giddings.

“Then this man busts out and runs across the street and he’s got a baby and a little girl right behind him screaming,” she told the KXLY Tuesday. “The girl said, ‘That man got my baby brother! That man got my baby brother!'”

That’s when Giddings sent her teenage grandson and his friend after the kidnapper.

When the man realized the older teens were chasing him, he put the toddler down in an abandoned parking lot and fled.

Delicia told “GMA” the man tried to befriend them.

“He said he’s nice to kids and he’d been babysitting for a long time,” the girl said Tuesday.

The children’s father, Mike Wright, expressed pride for his heroic children.

“I am fortunately very lucky that I still have my son, Owen, with me, you know?” he said. “And for my kids to run after him, that’s an act of courage.”

He said he didn’t know why the babysitter left the children alone.

“There hasn’t been any trouble and, you know, it’s a small town, so for whatever reason why the sitter was not with them, that’s beyond me,” Wright said.

But he is relieved at the happy ending.

“My daughter could have gotten snatched up,” he said. “My other son could have gotten snatched up. You never know what could have happened and I’m very, very lucky to have my children with me still to this day. And for everybody out there, all I want to say is watch your children as close as you can because this could happen to anybody.”

Carmine Sabia


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