Megyn Kelly visibly in awe of black student’s response to racist frat video

Megyn Kelly was impressed – and viewers will be too.

The president of the University of Oklahoma’s Black Student Association on Monday invited members of a fraternity expelled from campus for a racist video to meet with his group, explaining that “it’s not smart to fight hate with hate.”

“It’s only logical to fight hate with love,” student Isaac Hill said on Monday night’s “The Kelly File.”

The most telling moment of the interview came when Kelly asked Hill what he would tell the people who’ve attacked the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house with graffitti — or even issued death threats against its members.

“Let’s not let their hate spark hate with us,” he said. “Let’s just let their hate spark love with us, and let them learn, and let’s teach them how to be good American citizens.”

Kelly was openly impressed.

“Isaac Hill, you’re an extraordinary young man,” she said. “God bless you.”

You’ll be impressed too.


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