Dem finds out that smearing a combat veteran senator is serious business

A Democrat who objected to U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton’s writing a letter to Iran’s leaders warning that any nuclear deal they reach with President Obama could be shortlived unless Congress approves of it too attacked Cotton Monday night as a “Tehran Tom” undermining his country’s president.

The was a mistake. U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, the Colorado Democrat whose biggest claim to fame so far is being the first openly gay parent to serve in Congress, probably thought “Tehran Tom” was a delightfully witty piece of alliteration.

But smearing a veteran of combat tours in Iraq is serious business.

And Twitter users let him know it.

Some Twitter users recalled days when liberals had no problem with lawmakers getting involved in a president’s foreign policy.

Like when California Democrat Nancy Pelosi went to Syria to chat up Syrian dictator Bashar Assad — with her head decorously covered in deference to Islam’s war on women.  

But Democrats can’t be expected to remember things that happened a decade ago. Democrats can’t be expected to remember anything — if they did, the Jimmy Carter presidency would have ended the party for the next 50 years.

So now we have a president like Barack Obama. And a prince like Jared Polis to carry his water.

At least until 2016, when Obama is blessedly gone from office. And Polis might be too.  

It’s a good bet there’s more than a few who feel like that.


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