When in Rome, don’t act like Obama: Americans arrested for carving initials into Colosseum, taking SELFIES

In what amounted to a cross between “Roman Holiday” and “The Ugly American,” tourists visiting the Colosseum in Rome were caught carving their initials into the ancient structure and taking selfies alongside their work.

The two women, ages 21 and 25, hail from California and “were charged with aggravated damage on a building of historical and artistic interest,” Pix11 reported.

The Italian newspaper La Republica tweeted a photo of the damage:

After being caught, they reportedly said, “We apologize for what we did.”

I’m sure the Russian tourist caught doing the same thing last year felt sorry also — especially after he was fined $24,000.

Interestingly enough, this comes at a time when the world looks on in horror as Islamic State terrorists destroy irreplaceable ancient artifacts in Iraq.


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