‘STOP Obama’s ammo ban’ campaign launches nationwide

A gun rights group is taking aim at an Obama administration plan to ban a popular form of ammunition, arguing it’s really a disguised effort to achieve gun control the American people reject.

The Second Amendment Foundation’s media campaign targets the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms proposal to ban the M8555 5.56 cartridge on the grounds that it can penetrate protective armor worn by law enforcement officers.

Gun rights groups are planning a national campaign to protect a popular form of ammunition from an Obama administration proposal to ban it. (CBS photo)

To gun rights supporters, the argument is a decoy.

“The president has long supported a ban on semiautomatic rifles and their magazines,” foundation founder Alan Gottlieb said in a news release.

“Now his administration is going after the ammunition. Evidently, they’ve decided that rifles and magazines won’t be a problem if people have no ammunition to put in them.”

The campaign against the ban will be high profile, with the Second Amendment Foundation buying ads and making media appearances geared to conservative audiences.

“We are buying several hundred thousand dollars worth of TV and radio time,” Gottlieb told the Washington Free Beacon. “We will be on Fox News and Glenn Beck’s Blaze Network.”

The group has picked up support from Kentucky Republican Sen Rand Paul, a potential contender for the party’s presidential nomination next year. In a Facebook posting, he called the proposed ban a “backdoor route to imposing President Obama’s gun control.”

In the release, Gottlieb said the White House is getting pressed for time.

“There are less than two years remaining in Barack Obama’s presidency,” Gottlieb said. “He’s scrambling to create a legacy, and a big part of that is effort is to establish himself as the man who brought restrictive gun control to America. He has weakened our military, eroded our diplomatic credibility and now he’s scrambling to destroy the Second Amendment. We’re giving Americans the voice to stop him.”

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