Singer Pink spreads fake quote making conservative icon sound like raging feminist

Pop singer Pink joined her sisters around the world celebrating International Women’s Day by showing off how ignorant feminists can be.

The singer formerly known as Alecia Beth Moore posted a tweet Sunday with a picture of her daughter, Willlow, and trying to co-opt Ayn Rand — one of the most influential philosophers and writers in modern conservatism  — into the cause of feminist liberals.

And misquoting her to boot.

OK, just say it’s a pretty good bet that Pink doesn’t read much Ayn Rand.  Maybe tried “Anthem” once because it was short and looked easy, heard about “The Fountainhead,” because a lot of college girls read it. But “who is John Galt?” wouldn’t even get a laugh, much less an answer.

The only reason she knows the (mist)quote at all, probably, is because those radical feminist fashionistas at the teen girl-power shop Forever 21 printed it on T-shirts.

(The link in that tweet is worth following.)

The thing the feminists — at least the ones of the Pink variety — don’t get is that Rand put those words (or a close-enough sentiment) into the mouth of one of her most famous male characters: Howard Rourk. It was a woman who wrote the words, but it was a man speaking them.

What’s really interesting is that besides being a genius architect and symbol of unbridled individualism, Howard Roark was an unrepentant rapist. (It all ends happily ever after, though,)

A glance at Pink’s Twitter following makes it pretty clear that her legions of mostly female fans don’t know anymore about Ayn Rand than the singer herself, but a whole lot of people saw the irony in a feminist movement trying to adopt a woman who regarded herself as a “male chauvinist.” (And most definitely not of the lesbian variety, either.)

Pink might never understand why that is.

Maybe her daughter will.



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