‘Real journalist’ Sharyl Attkisson puts Holder in hot seat about his personal emails

Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson made an enemy of Attorney General Eric Holder with her award-winning reporting on the “Fast and Furious” scandal.

Her latest efforts aren’t going to make him a friend either.

But Holder, due to leave office soon, is just one Obama administration official Attkisson highlights in the Daily Signal as using personal email accounts to avoid public scrutiny.In fact, the occasional outbreak of this practice is becoming something of a full-blown epidemic within the Obama administration, Attkisson writes.

And there is but one reason for doing it — to escape accountability and public scrutiny.

The most recent example looks to be Attorney General Eric Holder. Attkisson noted time after time where Holder’s email address was redacted and replaced with the notation “ATTORNEY GENERAL.”

Here are a few examples, obtained by Judicial Watch:



Her followers responded in anger and derision:

Yet throughout high-ranking government officials’ attempts to hide their communications from the public eye, the White House still refers to itself as the “most transparent administration ever.”

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