Lebanese Megyn Kelly! Sheik disrespects female host as ‘beneath him’ – who’s the boss now, buddy!

When a female host tells a “superior” sheik on air that she’s the boss, get the popcorn out and watch the sparks fly.

The fun started when a guest on a Lebanese TV program showed he totally doesn’t get the idea of “International Women’s Day” when he told the host that being interviewed by a woman was beneath him.

London-based scholar Hani Al Seba’i appeared on a show hosted by Rima Karaki to discuss the rising tide of Christians being recruited into the Islamic State. When the guest wandered off-topic, things got out of hand.

Here’s a translation of the last part of the heated exchange, according to Daily Life:

“Please don’t get all worked up. We respect you and know you want to give a complete answer,” Karaki said, as she tried to calm the situation.

“Are you done? Shut up so I can talk,” said Al Seba’i.

“How can a respected sheik like yourself tell a TV host to shut up?!”, asked an incredulous Karaki.

“It is beneath me to be interviewed by you. You are a woman…”, Al Seba’i replied.

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