James Carville has meltdown over Hillary on MSNBC: ‘Are you saying that she’s a crook?’

Democratic strategist and longtime Clinton adviser James Carville went off the rails in defense of Hillary Clinton and her ongoing email scandal going, so far as to accuse the New York Times of reporting from “right-wing talking points.”

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell began her interview with Carville Monday morning by asking him if it was time Clinton address the scandal, sending him into a rant that lasted for nearly the entire 8 minute segment.

“It was legal, it wasn’t against regulations, Colin Powell and Jeb Bush did the same thing, but ‘Oh my God!’ Do you remember Whitewater, do you remember Foulgate, do you remember Travelgate, do you remember Pardongate, do you remember Benghazi?” he said. “All of this is just the same cockamamie stuff that we go through.

“The Times gets something from some right-wing talking points, they print the story, they gotta walk the story back,” Carville added. “And everybody, the chin-scratchers go ‘Oh my God, the story’s not right but it says something larger about the Clintons.’ This is never gonna end. We’ve lived with this for 20 years. We’ll live with it the rest of the campaign. It’s all. About. Nothing. That’s my view of the whole thing.”

Carville grasped at every straw imaginable during the fiery exchange, even accused the notoriously left-wing Times of using “right wing talking points” to help get America into the Iraq war.

“If I were a member of the press, and I realized right-wing talking points helped get us into a war, I would probably rethink the way I get my information,” Carvile said.

When Mitchell pointed out that liberal Sen. Dianne Feinstein also called for Clinton to address the email scandal Carville lashed back, “You can find a Democrat that says anything.”

At the end of the interview, Mitchell was finally able to get a question in as Carville had spent the previous seven minutes dodging, deflecting and reading from what seemed like a well-prepared script.

“Why should she be the person deciding, or her circle, decide which e-mails to turn over?” the host asked. “Isn’t that the problem with a private email system that isn’t government-archived?”

“Are you saying that she’s a crook?” Carville yelped back. “Because if she does not turn over relevant stuff, that’s against the law. So is that what we’re really gonna say here? I don’t think we really want to say that.

“All of the out-of-breath, all of the coverage, all of the ‘worried Democrats,’ all of the other stuff that we’re hearing, every one of these things – it is always the same, Andrea,” he added. “It’s never gonna change. We go through the same stuff 20 times.”

Maybe that’s because the Clintons can’t seem to keep themselves out of scandals, James.

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Carmine Sabia


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