A win for the good guys! How a univerity’s ban on the American flag got overturned

The student executive cabinet at the Irvine University of California at Irvine on Saturday vetoed the student government’s decision last week to ban the display of all flags — especially the American flag — in designated areas of campus.

“We fundamentally disagree with the actions taken by ASUCI Legislative Council and their passage of [the ban] as counter to the ideals that allow us to operate as an autonomous student government organization with the freedoms of speech and expression associated with it,” the cabinet said in a prepared statement following its decision at a special meeting, according to KTLA Channel 5 News.

The five-member cabinet oversees the actions of the university’s student government.

“It is these very symbols that represent our constitutional rights,” the statement continued, “and our ability to openly debate all ranges of issues and pay tribute to how those liberties were attained.”

The flag ban resolution, introduced by social ecology representative Matthew Guevara, called the flag a symbol of “colonialism and imperialism,” and claimed Old Glory could be viewed as hate speech.

“[F]lags construct paradigms of conformity and sets [sic] homogenized standards for others to obtain which in this country typically are idolized as freedom, equality, and democracy,” the measure said. “[F]reedom of speech, in a space that aims to be as inclusive as possible[,] can be interpreted as hate speech.”

Only by the hate-filled.

Twitter user Larry LaBate echoed the thoughts and concerns of many in this tweet:

And Twitter user Sharon McCutchan wondered:

California legislators are taking action to see that another flag ban isn’t repeated, KTLA reported.

As for me, I keep thinking about the name of the guy who introduced the flag ban resolution in the first place — Matthew Guevara. Could he be related to someone named “Che” by any chance?


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