NJ deli owner makes a stand for ‘White History Month’ with a sign that’s causing him agita

A New Jersey deli owner has come under fire for displaying a sign declaring March “White History Month.”

The store owner, Jim Boggess of Flemington, insists the sign is not meant to be racist.

“No matter what you are — Muslim, Jewish, black, white, gay, straight — you should be proud of what you are,” he told NJ.com. “I shouldn’t have to feel bad about being white.”

Jim Boggess
Jim Boggess stands outside of his store “Jimbo’s Deli”. Photo credit Rick Epstein | Hunterdon County Democrat

Regardless of his intent, NJ.com reported that several neighboring store owners are unhappy with the sign.

John Puckett, owner of the Main Street Bagel Co., called the sign “an embarrassment” to the town that “makes us look like a town full of inbreds.”

Former customer Bhakti Curtis was so offended that he filed a police report but was told the sign violated no laws.

“If there’s any racial discrimination going on, it’s by people who are objecting to this sign because I’m white,” Boggess said. ”I just want to be included. Why is this such a big deal? I don’t get it. I love everybody, and everybody should celebrate what they are.”

Curtis disagreed.

“A business can’t go putting racist signs in the window because everybody has a right to go in that store,” he told NJ.com. “Everybody! And have a right to buy something from that man and not feel demoralized or degraded.”

Curtis didn’t say if he thought white people felt degraded by the barrage of “Black History Month” signs every February.


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