‘Loot and fire sale!’: Eric Holder threatens to dismantle Ferguson Police Dept

Taking President Obama’s condemnation of the city of Ferguson, Mo., for “oppressive and abusive” actions against black residents a step further, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder threatened Friday to dismantle the city’s police department.

“We are prepared to use all the powers that we have, all the power that we have, to ensure that the situation changes there,” Holder said, according to Reuters. “That means everything from working with them to coming up with an entirely new structure.”

New York Times chief White House correspondent Peter Baker shared the news on social media:

Obama and Holder were reacting to a Department of Justice report released Wednesday that cleared Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown — citing racist emails and a disproportional rate at which blacks were targeted for traffic offenses and fines, the report also found that the Ferguson police department racially discriminated against black residents.

In an editorial published Thursday, Investor’s Business Daily offered a scathing critique of the Obama administration’s interpretation of the data cited in the Justice Department investigation, suggesting that “Holder’s race mongers purposely neglected to isolate variables that explain the disparities.”

“Unable to pin racism charges on Ferguson policeman Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, Attorney General Eric Holder is using half-baked data to manufacture a case of racism against his entire police force,” the editorial board said.

Such skepticism was also a common theme on social media. Here is a sampling of reaction’s to Holder’s attempt to “bully” the city of Ferguson, as seen on Twitter:

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