Freaky: Tijuana – San Diego border fence is most expensive volleyball net in history

On the border of Tijuana and San Diego, beach-goers have turned the unsecured fence into the most expensive volleyball net in history, according to this video footage.

The commentary on the video, which was produced by the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, is clearly that of someone who has baked a little too long in the Tijuana sun, but the visual of people using the border fence as a net is just freaky.

Ron Bennett  left a comment with his thoughts on Sure News. We cleaned it up the language a little, but it sums up the BS that the video spews. And that’s why God made mute buttons. 

Funny as f*** listening to this fat-mouth liar talk about the border like it’s the Berlin Wall, militarized and secure. It’d take those Southern volleyballers all of five minutes to slip through pretty much anywhere to visit their legions of relatives already here.

HT – Sure News


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