Freaky: Tijuana – San Diego border fence is most expensive volleyball net in history

On the border of Tijuana and San Diego, beach-goers have turned the unsecured fence into the most expensive volleyball net in history, according to this video footage. […]

Best pediatrician ever! Watch how he makes this kid laugh hysterically while getting a shot

This guy is fun to watch. I’m a mom with 3 boys. I would have wanted to kiss my pediatrician if she had made it that easy.

Woman’s warning: What Planet Fitness gym did when she complained about transgender men in locker room

Planet Fitness wants its customers to be comfortable and treated fairly. Unless, of course, they are uncomfortable with a transgender person in their locker room. The Planet […]

Video: Anchor cracks up when traffic reporter’s live shot is him ordering breakfast at a drive-thru

A Balti traffic reporter was caught in a most unusual situation on live TV. Ordering a fish sandwich at McDonalds. Fox 45’s Candace Dold cut to “Traffic […]

Pharrell, Moby offer to help throw party with over 2,000 women for man who was fat-shamed online while dancing

A man who was dejected and ridiculed for his dancing and weight, in a sad display of the ugly side of humanity on last week, is about […]

Obama tells veggie tales to college kids . . . and scary stories about people who want machine guns in bars!

A student asked President Obama at a Columbia, hall meeting Friday about gun control. As often happens when he doesn’t have a script to rely on, […]

Parent calls 911 when school refuses to release child from Common Core-type testing

It to a call to 911 for a Florida mother who did not want her daughter participating in the state’s new standardized testing to persuade an elementary […]

High school chooses ‘communism’ for prom theme — will they get to execute it?

The outcome of an on vote has a New Mexico high school facing the very real prospect of a having communist-themed prom this year. Being dubbed “prom-munism,”seniors […]

NJ deli owner makes a stand for ‘White History Month’ with a sign that’s causing him agita

A New Jersey i owner has come under fire for displaying a sign declaring March “White History Month.” The store owner, Jim Boggess of Flemington, insists the […]

Nevada couple denied foster kids because of gun ownership is fighting to change law

A Nevada couple who can’t foster children because they legally own firearms are asking state officials to change the law. Brian and Valerie Wilson are urging lawmakers […]

Trip Klibert
Michelle Obama tries to shut kid up about nasty Taco Tuesdays; did he take the bribe?

After a Louisiana second-grader sent a wiy-published letter to Michelle Obama complaining that her new school lunch rules ruined his “Taco Tuesday,” he got a surprise in […]

White House says Obama probably learned about Clinton email scandal from the newspapers

Whether it’s the IRS unfairly targeting conservative groups, orDepartment of Veterans Affairs facilities falsifying records while veterans died, President Obama seems to learn of most scandals that […]