Why is TMZ the only media hounding Hillary at airport?

Members of the shameless mainstream media stayed home when a D.C. photographer from the online gossip rag, TMZ, was the only one to show up to confront Hillary Clinton at Reagan National airport Tuesday.

At first, it seemed the TMZ photographer chickened out when he declined to ask her anything about the escalating email scandal – even though that’s the only thing anyone really cares about.

Instead, he went for mundane questions about her presidential aspirations, which prompted a public lambasting from his own employer, TMZ.

Not to be deterred, TMZ sent their trooper back on Wednesday to do what the mainstream media won’t – directly ask about those pesky private emails!

Unsurprisingly, Clinton put on a glossy smile and refused to answer anything. But at least one media outlet made Clinton’s antiperspirant work a little harder.

Not to be outdone by TMZ, John Cook, executive editor for investigations at Gawker Media, reminded his Twitter followers that way back in 2013 he once inquired about Clinton’s emails.

To Cook’s credit, he did alert the White House about Clinton’s private email account and asked about its legality.

Unfortunately, the “investigation” just seemed to kind of end right there.


Oh, sorry… “nada” was the response.

Nope, no story then. Wouldn’t be a story now if it weren’t for “fly-over nobody’s.”

Still waiting…

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