Fla. man kills neighbor, drives body to lawyer’s office in bed of his pickup

This could only happen in Florida. A Pine Island man shot and killed his neighbor, allegedly in self-defense, then put the body into the bed of his pickup truck and drove it to his lawyer’s office in Ft. Myers — at least a 45-minute drive.

John Marshall, 52, appeared at the law office of Robert Harris at about 4 p.m. Wednesday with a swollen lip, missing tooth and apparently two broken thumbs, claiming there was no one else he could trust, according to Fox 4 Ft. Myers.

The dispute Marshall had with his neighbor, Theodore Hubbell Jr., 65, had been brewing for days over some improvements Marshall was making to his property that Hubbell didn’t approve of.

It all became deadly when Hubbell appeared at Marshall’s residence with a handgun and began pistol-whipping Marshall. The gun went off during the scuffle, killing Hubbell.

“The man pulled a gun and hit my client in the face,” Harris told Fox 4. “Of course, my client was in fear for his life and thought he was going to die.”

When Marshall appeared at Harris’s office with the body, the lawyer called 911. After hours of questioning by police, Marshall was released and he sought treatment at a local hospital.

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