Big deal, or OK? Mom sends child to school dressed as ’50 Shades’ Christian Grey for ‘World Book Day’

A mom in Manchester, England is wondering why no one found it amusing after she sent her 11-year-old son to school dressed as the main character from the soft-porn book series, “Fifty-shades of Grey.”

Liam Scholes’ costume came complete with an eye-mask and cable ties, which he brought to school on World Book Day – a day when schoolchildren dress up as literary characters.

Manchester Evening News Syndication

Liam’s mother, Nicola Scholes, 36, told the Manchester Evening News she and her son had talked at length about the costume before they decided he’d wear it.

“We spoke long and hard about what he wanted to be, I remember the conversation on the way home because he didn’t want to be a cartoon character,” she said.

Liam said they chose the costumer because the character is so popular and they thought they’d have a “bit of fun.”

Being outfitted as the sexually-dominating character, Christian Grey, was not exactly what Liam Scholes’ teachers had in mind.

As a result, Liam was excluded from the school’s World Book Day activities. His mom was shocked to get a phone call from school authorities.

“Me and the teacher agreed to disagree and it’s not being taken any further but I was disappointed for Liam that he’d been stopped from taking part and that he’s had a dressing down,” she said.

Manchester Evening News Syndication

Nicola, who also happens to be a school teacher, said because others students and teachers had dressed up as criminals, she couldn’t understand what the fuss was about.

“He went in a suit and shoes and with an eye mask and cable ties. The cable ties were tiny and not enough to do anything with them,” she said.

“We didn’t think there would be a problem.”

School officials, however, are maintaining their position.

“The decision reflects the school’s high standards in terms of student behaviour, welfare and safeguarding.

“The aim of our World Book Day events was to celebrate and encourage reading and we are disappointed that what was a fantastic day for our students, has been marred by this issue.”

Bloody right.


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