ABC’s ‘The View’: Black residents in Ferguson ‘should be very scared, terrified!’

Nicole Wallace, co-host of ABC’s “The View,” warned black residents in Ferguson, Mo., on Thursday that they “should be very scared, terrified” … of getting a ticket for jaywalking.

The ladies on “The View” were responding to a Department of Justice report that, citing racist emails and a disproportional rate at which African-Americans were targeted for traffic offenses and fines, suggested the Ferguson police department racially discriminated against black residents.

The DOJ report also cleared Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown, but that failed to garner quite the same attention from the ladies.

The report apparently helped co-host Whoopi Goldberg discover that racism exists.

Goldberg said there are “amazing cops out there,” but that some “boneheads” slip through the cracks.

“But you know what? Now that we know that this actually does exist, that it’s not just playing the race card, that this actually does exist, maybe we’ll be a little more careful about who gets the damn job,” she said.

Wallace responded by saying Ferguson police were financially motivated.

“What’s startling is how programmatic and systematic it was. This was financial,” she said. “They were funding city government functions on the backs of lower-income African-American residents of the town. They created, in effect, a debtor’s prison.”

“I don’t ever worry about getting a ticket for jaywalking,” Wallace added. “But if you’re black in Ferguson, you should be very scared, terrified!”


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