The ‘most controversial song of the year’ goes viral; take that, Obama!

Country singer and songwriter, Jamie Jones hit a serious nerve when he posted his new, hot-button song on Facebook.

(Warning: As you might expect, a song called “Pi**ed Off Redneck” has some tough language.)

Jones’ handlers are touting it as “the most controversial song” of the year and that’s probably not too far off, considering how it has gone viral on social media. Jones’ new hit covers everything from the disaster of Obamacare to the country’s open borders, and he made no apologies about it when he released it on his Facebook page.

“While Mrs. Jones is going to the gym I thought I’d do a little songwriting… If it offends ya… middle finger!!!!” Jones wrote.

Naturally, that didn’t sit well with a lot of liberals, but that often happens when a whole lot of truth is packed into three minutes.

Conservatives on the other hand, love it, and are giving accolades to what some are calling the new “conservative anthem.”

Actually, Jones’ Facebook page containing the song has 1,457,894 hits and counting…

A conservative “crowd-pleaser” line in the song indeed!

If this keeps going, it looks like it will be a good Christmas for Jamie Jones next December.

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