Gruesome recruitment: ISIS gun barrel-cams make execution footage look like video games

Islamic State militants continue their horrifying trend of finding incendiary ways to show public killings using Internet propaganda – and circulating new war footage could suggest another ISIS execution video may soon emerge.

It appeared to be ISIS members who attached high definition cameras to the barrels of their guns before killing a group of men in the streets, according to the Daily Mail. This new tactic made extremely detailed execution images that are being distributed throughout ISIS-supporting websites.

To make a horrifying situation worse, the close-range scenes – when recorded this way – give the image of a videogame-like experience, according to the Daily Mail. It is feared this ploy is being used as a more “appealing” means of recruiting people – Westerners in particular.

A group of Iraqi men who were believed by ISIS to have been conspiring to organize against them, were the victims of the public executions.

The prisoners were blindfolded with their hands tied behind their backs, before being paraded in front of a crowd of cheering spectators.

It appeared people in the crowd were also taking pictures, but the still images that are being distributed across the Internet are thought to be more sophisticated than those taken from the vicious onlookers.

The well-produced photos carry the “distinctive yellow branding of ISIS’ propaganda wings,” reported the Daily Mail.

The exact location of the close-range execution is unclear, but it is thought to be somewhere near the Tigris River outside of the ISIS-held city of Tikrit, according to the Daily Mail. Fierce battles between ISIS and Iraqi and Shia forces have been continuing throughout the region.

(Warning: Graphic images)

on ground
Photo courtesy: The Daily Mail
isis circle
The red circle shows where the HD gun-cam is located. Photo courtesy: The Daily Mail
Photo courtesy: The Daily Mail
on street
These poor men are executed while it looks like a camera tripod is set in the background. Photo courtesy: The Daily Mail





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