Bob Beckel’s mystery disappearance from ‘The Five’ is solved!

Social media has been buzzing about the whereabouts of Fox News’ Bob Beckel since he’s been mysteriously missing for several weeks from his regular spot on “The Five.”

Even though Fox fans don’t tend to agree with Beckel’s political point of view, their concern for him was palpable as people began to speculate on the reasons for his absence.

What’s really interesting about this is that libs don’t seem to care about how Beckel’s doing nearly as much as conservatives — and even Beckel admits it.

Beckel put the mystery to rest this week when he tweeted that he had been recovering from a back injury.

Despite disagreeing with him – on just about everything – conservative and patriotic well-wishers started pouring in the love for the liberal curmudgeon:

And “fans” took him up on it.

Luckily no need for that.

Apparently this wasn’t the first time Beckel went MIA. Looks like back in January he received the same response:

That’s RIGHT Bob. That’s what real tolerance looks like.

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