New NRA series challenges 2 trainers to turn female HS athlete into competitive marksman

The National Rifle Association’s exciting new series, “I Am Forever,” cross trains high school student athlete Reagan Tyler into becoming an accomplished shooter, using the very skills she employs every day.

The NRA invites viewers to follow along, take notes and improve their own performance at the range.

Fitness trainer Isaiah Truyman is no firearms expert, but in episode 1, he identifies eight skills that Tyler is already familiar with and can use when she’s taught marksmanship from veteran Army Green Beret John Wayne Walding.

Those 8 fundamental fitness skills are:

  • Mental focus
  • Center of gravity
  • Breathing and heart rate
  • Coordination and timing
  • Confidence
  • Mental and physical endurance
  • Reaction time, speed agility and quickness.

Grab a pen and notepad, pour a cup of coffee and use what you learn to improve your marksmanship.

But most of all, just enjoy the show.


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