Memo to Dems who dissed Bibi

Memo to Congressman Ted Deutch and Congresswoman Lois Frankel – and all the Dems who dissed Bibi:

Prior to today’s speech to a joint session of Congress by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, you indicated some displeasure with his appearance. You felt it was a breach of protocol and that it was set up to aid Netanyahu’s re-election.

Now that you were in attendance at the talk:

Were any comments made to disparage President Obama?
Did Bibi mention the upcoming Israeli elections?
Do you doubt Netanyahu’s concern for his nation and people?
Were any of his comments regarding the deceptive history of Iran false?
Do you believe that Iran can be trusted to keep its word on any deal it signs?
Has Iran indicated any direct threats to destroy Israel?
Do you feel that Iran has any actual plans for the destruction of Israel?
Has Iran permitted any IAEA observers to fully check its nuclear facilities?
Has our president been open and above board with the American public regarding the negotiations with Iran?
Are you aware that Iran is considered by our State Department to be a terrorist supporting state?
Are you aware that Iran imprisons, tortures and slaughters its own citizens?
Do you feel Kerry and Obama have been up to the task of negotiating with Iran?
Do you feel these negotiations, portions of which have been leaked, will be to the benefit or harm to the world?
Do you see any resemblance of these negotiations to the Munich talks in 1938 between Hitler and Neville Chamberlain?

And lastly, prior to you both indicating your displeasure with Netanyahu’s visit and talk, did you poll your constituents as to their feelings on the issue? Or were your statements merely dangerously, politically motivated?

Alan Bergstein

Alan Bergstein comes to our pages as a Brooklyn native. Father of four, retired NYC Principal, Korean War Veteran, patriot and Jewish and Israel activist.


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