Libs get egg on face trying to nail Republican for Hillary-style personal email scandal

The liberal media lapdogs are circling the wagons to protect Hillary Clinton from her latest scandal by dragging any Republican they can into the fray.

ABC News Tuesday tried to equate the use of a personal email address by Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, on his business card to Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email address when she was secretary of state, an apparent violation of the Federal Records Act.

“Hillary Clinton isn’t the only official who uses a non-government email address,” blared the lede.

Just one problem.

Members of Congress aren’t subject to Federal Records Act — a fact ABC News didn’t bother to mention until the end of the article.

Chaffetz appeared on Fox and Friends Wednesday to address to non-controversy.

“That’s like comparing apples to a boat,” he told host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. “I am not subject, as a member of Congress, to the Federal Records Act. I have two different emails. A House account, but I also have that card there which was paid for by campaign funds. And so it’s kind of ridiculous.”

Ridiculous yes. But not surprising that Clinton’s worker bees are surrounding the queen.

ABC reporter Jonathan Karl had to backtrack on Twitter and the Twitterverse pounced on him.

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Carmine Sabia


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