Jihadi John’s ashamed father hiding out: ‘My son is a dog, he is an animal, a terrorist’

The father of the man known as “Jihadi John” is disgusted with his son, to the point where he has disowned him.

A co-worker of Jassem Emwazi, whose son Mohammed, is the best known terrorist in the world today, told the London Telegraph he spoke to the elder Emwazi by phone Monday.

Jihadi John
Photo credit The Sun/News Syndication via The London Telegraph.

Emwazi condemned his son’s barbaric terrorist acts and beheading, the co-worker said.

“He was very emotional and crying the whole time,” Abu Meshaal told the Telegraph. “He said, ‘My son is a dog, he is an animal, a terrorist.’ He said he had talked to him a lot trying to persuade him to return to his personal life but that the son didn’t listen to him. He said, ‘To hell with my son.’”

Meshaal also told the paper that the young Emwazi called to get his parents’ blessing in 2013 before he went to Syria to engage in jihad.

“Mohammed called his father and said ‘I’m going to Syria to fight jihad, please release me and forgive me for everything,'”‘ he said. “Jassem said, “f*** you. I hope you die before you arrive in Syria.’”

It’s gotten to the point where Emwazi won’t leave his home.

“He said he cannot come back to work because he felt so shy of other people,” Meshaal said. ”He is sitting home and cannot even go to the mosque to pray because he is ashamed of his son. He doesn’t want people to see him, so he is praying at home.”

Another colleague told Kuwait’s Qabbas newspaper that Emwazi had concerns about his son long before he was revealed to be Jihadi john.

Jihadi John
Photo credit The Sun/News Syndication via The London Telegraph.

“All I know is that he was talking about his son whose behavior he was not able to control,” the co-worker said. “He was so tired and kept on repeating that ‘my son is not a good son.’”

The sins of the son are visited on the father.


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