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ISIS fatwa on foosball allows militants to play under one bizarre condition

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Taking their obsession with beheading innocent victims to a whole new level, Islamic State militants have issued a fatwa directing Islamic extremist fighters to lop off the heads of the figurines used in foosball games.

Perhaps looking to avoid being tagged as a “no fun allowed” terror group, ISIS has declared that when its fighters are not raping young children, selling women into sexual slavery and beheading and burning alive nonbelievers, they can relax by playing a game of foosball.

That is, under one condition — the heads are cut off from the figurines used in the game

According to the Christian Action Network, the AhluBayt News Agency reported the religious edict was part of a focus on education, public services and religious life, and was issued by the Islamic State al-Buhuth wa al-Eftaa committee, which “provides religious backing for the jihadists’ strict policies.”

Documents show that Islamic State terrorists can enjoy the game as long as “the head is cut off from the original part of the game [i.e. the head is cut off from the figurines so they don’t look like statues].”

The AhluBayt News Agency noted that players should “restrain themselves from gambling and cursing as well as from negative sentiments such as ‘scorn, resentment [and] hatred.'”

After all, why let hate go to waste on a game when it can be directed toward the decimation of fellow human beings.

Tom Tillison


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