Is Jeb really saying ‘I showed you mine now you show me yours’ to Hillary?

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush urged Hillary Clinton to come clean about the private email account she used while secretary of state, and using his own email experience as an example.

The ironic chastisement left one tweeter asking, “Is Jeb really saying ‘I showed you mine now you show me yours’ to Hillary?”

Bush owns the server that handled his personal, political and official business during his two terms in Florida’s executive mansion, [email protected] Since he’s a likely contender for the Republican nomination for president, he’s a natural target for Democrats looking to deflect attention away from Clinton’s email scandal.

The timing of his tweet — 11:05 p.m. Monday, shortly after the New York Times posted its story about the Clinton emails suggests he knows that (and possibly was prepared for The Times story before it became public).

But Democrats hoping to link Clinton to Bush under the “everybody does it” defense have two big problems. The first is that Bush’s privately owned server was no secret during his time in office and violated none of Florida’s strict open-records laws. Clinton’s private email account was unkown outside the State Department and may well have violated federal law. The second is that Bush was governor of a state, not the secretary of state of the United States of America.


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