Paul Ryan: Obama made a ‘HUGE mistake’ ‘dissing’ Prime Minister Netanyahu

The Obama administration’s open hostility to Tuesday’s speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a joint meeting of Congress was a “huge mistake” that just made Americans more aware of the “appeasement” the president’s Iran policy represents.

That was the take from Rep. Paul Ryan during a Fox News interview, where he noted that the media attention in the nation’s capital for Netanyahu’s speech was magnified by the storm of criticism unleashed by top administration officials since House Speaker John Boehner invited Netanyahu in January.

Ryan said leaks from the administration about ongoing talks with Iran to prevent the country from acquiring a nuclear weapon show President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are getting close to a “bad deal” with Iran.

“If he gets this wrong, … this will be among the most spectacular of the failures of Obama foreign policy,” Ryan said.

“The last thing we want to do is get a bad deal … appeasement that leads to a nuclear Iran.”

Actually, the last thing the Obama administration wants is for the American people to be aware of what a bad deal it’s getting.

Thanks to the Netanyahu controversy, the country knows all about it.

Huge mistake.


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