One tough chick! Would-be thief gets shot, beat up, by female clerk

A would-be thief made a fateful mistake that left him with nothing but a gunshot wound for his trouble.

Zara Adil, 21, was working behind the register of her family’s business, Tobacco Zone in Lexington, Ky., Friday when two masked men entered brandishing a gun and demanding cash.

Adil initially complied, allowing the thieves access to the register.

That’s when one of the men set his gun down on the counter to empty it.

Big mistake.

“So I picked up the gun and pointed it at the second guy, and said, ‘You run or I will shoot you,'” Adil told WTVQ.

He ran.

The second thief decided to attack Adil, though, and as they scuffled for a few frightening moments she shot him in the shoulder.

The man ran away empty handed — and wounded.

“If more people stand up, they won’t have that much courage to go around and do what they’re doing,” Adil said.

Police later issued an arrest warrant for Darnell Thomas, Jr., 30, in connection with the crime.

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Carmine Sabia


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