Lib professor links illegal aliens to AIDS victims at UCLA

Wanting to help the plight of illegal aliens, a guest professor instructed students at the University of California that illegals should be treated like “AIDS victims” during a political science workshop in February.

UCLA campus

Cristina Beltran, a professor at New York University, skipped fly-over-country to impart her wisdom about the immigration crisis at the liberal indoctrination center also known as UCLA.

Beltran’s 33-page report coincided with the workshop titled, “Undocumented and Acting Up: Queer Sovereignty in the Immigrant Rights Movement,” and attempted to demonstrate what she claims are the “linkages between sexuality and migration.”

And she compared the deaths of illegal aliens along the U.S. southern border with the death of AIDS victims.

Beltran recognized the enormous success of the gay rights political movement and tried to draw parallels between the two groups.

Beltran’s paper focused on “undocumented youth,” who are sometimes referred to as “DREAMers,” and stressed the use of social media to get their message of victimhood out to the masses.

She emphasized the politics of division and notes, “citizenship status” is a “critical marker to one’s relationship to power and privilege shaped by race, class, gender, and sexuality.”

In other words, whatever can be used to further divide people into collective groups, is what Beltran says will ultimately help unite and heal the nation.

Beltran doesn’t seem to see any downside of large numbers of illegal immigrants pouring over the border.

Instead she maintained immigrants who break the law and come to America illegally, “actually shore up the traditional values that the country increasingly lacks.”

The country increasingly lacks traditional values? Now, why might that be?


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