Awkward! Susan Rice gets AIPAC standing ovations in all the wrong places

National Security Adviser Susan Rice faced a tough crowd at her Wednesday evening speech to AIPAC, but she managed to get two standing ovations.

Rice supports negotiations with Iran to halt the country’s nuclear enrichment program.

Only hours before, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the same crowd.  Rice has criticized Netanyahu’s planned speech to a joint meeting of Congress — scheduled for today—saying it could destroy “the fabric of the America-Israel relationship.”

Rice said, “We cannot let a totally unachievable ideal stand in the way of a good deal.”

Her next sentence brought the house to its feet.  “I know that some of you will be urging Congress to insist that Iran forgo its enrichment capacity entirely.”

Then she continued, “But as desirable as that would be, it is neither realistic nor achievable.

“If that is our goal, our partners will abandon us and undermine the very sanctions we have imposed so effectively together. Simply put, that is not a viable negotiating position.”

The reaction: a golf clap.

But when Rice said, “I know some would argue we should just impose sanctions and walk away,” the crowd once again erupted into a standing ovation.

The audience’s reaction clearly supported Rice’s remarks, but only when they advocated the opposite of her policies.

Rice’s next statement, “My friends, let’s remember that sanctions, unfortunately, have never stopped Iran from advancing its program,” raises a question:  if sanctions don’t work, why should we trust Iran to keep its word in negotiations?

Twitter users savored the irony.

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Steve Berman


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