White House tells press Obama has ‘strengthened’ US-Israeli relations

White House press secretary Josh Earnest gave yet one more indication at Monday’s briefing that the Obama administration is quite possibly delusional when he told reporters that U.S.-Israeli relations have improved under the Obama presidency.

“The relationship between the United States and Israel is one that has been strong for generations for a variety of reasons,” Earnest told reporters, leading up to this whopper.

“It has been strengthened under the leadership of this president,” he said. “Certainly the president has pursued policies that have been interested in strengthening that relationship even further.”

The facts just don’t support this notion. Here are a few examples.

There was the time in March of 2010 when President Obama snubbed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by abruptly cutting short a meeting with the Israeli leader to have dinner with his wife and daughters, according to The Telegraph.

Then, in November of 2011, President Obama and then-French President Nicolas Sarkozy were overheard on a hot mic bashing Netanyahu by journalists covering an economic summit in Cannes.

“I can’t stand him. He’s a liar,” Sarkozy said of Netanyahu, CNN reported.

Obama replied, “You’re tired of him; what about me? I have to deal with him every day.”

And then there’s the Israeli leader’s Tuesday address before Congress, which is being boycotted by the president, vice president and secretary of state.

I’ve heard tell, though it’s unconfirmed, that the White House sous chef may be available.

U.S.-Israeli relations better under Obama? In someone’s dreams.

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