Republican baseball great tears into creeps who threaten to rape his daughter; calls out Dems, Yankee fans

Legendary Major League Baseball pitcher Curt Schilling tore into people who made disgusting, threatening remarks directed towards his daughter on Twitter last week.

The former World Series co-MVP wrote an article on his blog 38pitches.wordpress.com blasting the people he called “stupid and vile.”

It all started Wednesday when Schilling publicly congratulated his daughter, Gabriella, on being accepted to college and finding out she’d be playing softball there as well.

Curt Schilling
Photo via USA Today.

“Congrats to Gabby Schilling who will pitch for the Salve Regina Seahawks next year!!” the proud father wrote.

As Schilling said he expected, people replied with offers to “take care of her” and “date her.”

In jest, he responded with another tweet to a particular tweeter.

“i have many friends that are in or former special forces…..”

Unfortunately the misogynistic, repugnant replies to that tweet got so bad we won’t publish them in this space, but they included references to rape and sexual assault of all kinds.

Schilling responded on his blog by publishing the tweets and calling out several individuals by name.

Then he wrote the following:

Now understand this.

I’m a Republican

I’m a former Red Sox

I have a nasty habit of talking, a lot, about anything anyone asks me and totally unconcerned about giving you my opinion. You will never question where I stand, right or wrong, agree or disagree on anything.

I am completely unafraid to get into a ragging war with anyone. Win or lose I’ll give as good as I get:)

I have zero issues being made fun of. It’s part of living and playing sports your whole life and when you’re built like I am you need to develop a defensive strategy early in life.

So I look at it like this. Democrats, Yankee fans, people that don’t like the sound of my voice, that’s a pretty big group.

Those folks for the most part don’t like me even a little bit.

Democrats for their own reasons, Yankee fans for theirs and the rest of them hate me for who I am or what I say, and that’s not going to change.

The amount of vitriol I’ve heard is not an issue. I am sure I’ll hear more.

But I have to ask, is this even remotely ok? In ANY world? At ANY time?

It is sad that a beautiful sentiment from a proud father and his daughter resulted in such outrageous and shameful demonstrations.

A sign of the times perhaps, but yet another reminder that all too often many people don’t think before they speak.

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