CAIR executive director blasted for saying homeless man was unarmed

The executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations weighed in on the shooting of a homeless man in Los Angeles Sunday with a tweet that called for more accountability for police officers — but he got a swift response from social media users who said CAIR itself is often not called to account for its rhetoric.

“Speechless. Just watched a video of LAPD brutally killing an unarmed homeless man. Would this happen if there was accountability?” Nihad Awad posted.

Awad’s tweet, in which he said he was “speechless” but was far from it, incited vitriol from the Twitterverse.

Responders pointed out that his group was labeled an unindicted co-conspirator in a U.S. Justice Department terrorism investigation and had been named as a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates, a U.S. ally.

Still, it isn’t held to account by the Obama administration.

The tweet followed the shooting Sunday of a homeless man who the LAPD said reached for an officer’s gun forcing other officers to open fire.

The incident was caught on video which has since gone viral and sparked protests in the city.

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