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Netanyahu heading for US, declares mission ‘fateful, even historic’: ‘I will do my utmost’

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Saying he is on “a fateful, even historic mission,” Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on his way to America to address a joint meeting of Congress on Tuesday over concerns about a nuclear deal with Iran.

The prime minister took to Twitter to announce his departure, adding that he is “deeply and genuinely concerned for the security of all Israelis” — words that mimicked comments Netanyahu shared with the press before boarding his flight.

Until Sunday, the White House was playing the trip in a far different light, with National Security Adviser Susan Rice last week describing Netanyahu’s effort as “destructive.”

That stance might be softening though — at least publicly. Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday told ABC’s “This Week” the White House just didn’t want Netanyahu’s visit s “turned into some great political football.”

According to CBS News, Netanyahu is looking for any deal with Iran to end that country’s nuclear program entirely, although President Obama “appears to be willing to leave some nuclear activity intact, backed by safeguards that Iran is not trying to develop a weapon.”

The next two days will prove to be dramatic.

A number of Democratic lawmakers are expected to skip Tuesday’s joint session, and Netanyahu turned down a request from Senate Democrats to meet privately with them before the speech.

And while he may get the cold shoulder from Democrats, social media users where quick to show the prime minister that the American people see things in a whole different light. Here is a sampling of the responses, as seen on Twitter:

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