‘Fox News Sunday’ grills majority whip on ‘humiliating defeat’ in Hill funding fight

House Republicans intend to continue their fight to curtail President Obama’s executive amnesty as a condition to fully fund the Department of Homeland Security, the House majority whip said Sunday.

U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana also used his “Fox News Sunday” appearance to deny rumors that House Republicans have cut a deal with Democrats to submit a “clean bill” without such provisions.

A congressional aide is responsible for spreading last week’s rumor that House Speaker John Boehner cut such a deal with minority leader Nancy Pelosi, according to Fox News.

“There is no such deal,” Scalise told “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace. “There is no such bill.”

That’s why the House passed a seven-day funding extension late Friday — to “keep the fight going” and force Senate Democrats to negotiate the issue, he said.

“Senate Democrats won’t go to conference,” Scalise said. “And anybody who disagrees with the president’s illegal action [on immigration] should light up the Senate switchboard and make Senate Democrats feel the heat.”

Senate Democrats filibustered to block a full vote on a funding bill that included the immigration proviso each time it was introduced.

“It’s your job to put the best face on things, but people are talking about what happened Friday night as a ‘humiliating defeat,’” Wallace said. “You were defeated by your own caucus. What happened?”

House Republicans all have the same goal, but differ on tactics, Scalise said.

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