Christian girl who escaped ISIS has a surprising message for her pursuers

A Christian girl forced to flee her home by the Islamic State and now living as a refugee under the protection of Kurds in northern Iraq offered a television interviewer a glimpse of the faith the Islamist terrorists despise so much.

The girl is from the Mosul area, which U.S.-equipped Iraqi forces abandoned in June, leaving civilians to flee as best they could, but this girl bears no ill will to anyone — not even the barbarians who drove her family and neighbors onto the road with nothing but what they could carry.

Interviewed by an Arabic Christian network, the girl named Myriam, from Qaraquosh, exemplifies the Christian spirit – in a way perhaps only a child can.

Asked what she would do to the ISIS terrorists who chased her family out – and would no doubt have a dark fate of sexual slavery in mind for her – she said it simply.

“I won’t do anything to them,” she said. “I will only ask God to forgive them.”

H/T: ViralBuzz

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