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Black media mogul calls Sharpton Comcast’s ‘least expensive negro’

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It’s not often that you hear shakedown artist Al Sharpton referred to as “the least-expensive negro.”

But that’s how he was characterized by the man suing Comcast for $20 billion for racial discrimination against black-owned media companies — Sharpton was named in the lawsuit for allegedly facilitating discrimination.

In an interview Friday with “HuffPost Live,” co-plaintiff Byron Allen accused the media conglomerate of paying off the MSNBC host to provide cover for not supporting these media companies.

“AT&T spent more money throwing Al Sharpton a lavish 60th birthday party than they spend on Ebony magazine, which is a magazine that’s been around for 70 years,” Allen said.

“He is the least-expensive negro,” he continued. “Instead of spending real money, with real 100 percent African-American owned media, it is easier to give him $50,000 to give them cover.”

Allen, chairman and CEO of Entertainment Studios, also had harsh words for President Obama.

“Obama allowed the biggest media merger in the history of humankind, and true 100 percent African-American owned media is not included,” he said. “President Obama has been bought and paid for.”

Tom Tillison


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